#012 - BigBang;CrazyDogs

[notice] hi hello how are you? :)

hi everyone!
i'm back for a little while to post some stuff that's been piling up.
i haven't found the time to post them cause of school.
but i'll have a week long break so i'll be able to post lots of older performances.
and hopefully catch up and post some new ones.
this is just a heads up that i'll be spamming the community so if you'd like,
unwatch me for a while or else your f-list will be flooded o_o;
#012 - BigBang;CrazyDogs

Thank You ♥

I'm glad you guys like what I've been posting so far :)
I'm working on uploading some of my favorite performances
so look forward to those! I plan on uploading some
festivals/concerts from a few years back too.
Also, thanks so much to those who have commented♥
It means a lot to know people appreciate what I'm doing ^^
Have a great new year members~♥!
#012 - BigBang;CrazyDogs

#OOO; ground zero.

i'm a huge fangirl for Big Bang, 2PM, TVXQ, Super Junior, 2NE1 and lots of other kpop artists.
i'm also an addict for high quality/high definition eye candy videos.
i'll be uploading mostly on Megaupload and Mediafire (when it starts being nice).
the masterlist will be updated frequently and will remain public forever (maybe).
the newest uploads will remain open for the public for forty-eight hours.
so, if you see anything you like, please don't hesitate to click the join button :)
happy downloading~ <3